Awaken~The Divine You

Awaken~The Divine You

08 Mar 11:00 - 14 Mar 19:00 - Singapore
The Golden Space


DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU TRULY ARE WITHIN, besides just a normal human being? Why are you on Planet Earth (Gaia) this lifetime and what is your ultimate life-purpose here? Are you aware of the evolution which is currently happening to Earth and humanity?

Most of us can feel that time seems to be flying so fast, yet our clocks and watches seem to be ticking away as per normal. Have you realized your own personal self, amazing powers and potentials lying untapped deep within you ~ waiting to be discovered?

How can you further improve/increase in all levels of your life ~ health, wealth, career, relationships, happiness, love, prosperity, clarity, focus, inner-peace, security, bliss, healing, freedom, positivity and lots more? How to drastically or completely stop many of your sufferings, pains, fears, doubts, anxieties, worries, stress, loneliness, emptiness, confusion, procrastination, depression, loss of focus, energy depletion and negativity….?

COME LEARN, EXPERIENCE AND EMPOWER yourself with this sacred ancient knowledge, techniques and skills known only to a very limited number of humans today, to become even more skillful , positive, joyful, happy, healthy and wealthy in life.

Learn about life and Universal higher-truths, esoteric and metaphysical learning. Discover and experience how you can tap into and “Awaken ~ The Divine You” – The God/Goddess-Self you are ~ in your personal and very own positive strength, the DIVINE-SELF power source within you, like never before! Become a powerful positive MAGNET to attract all positive abundance, all you ever want in life and deserve.

As a life coach for past 10 years, I have achieved almost all of my goals. I wondered, what’s next? What else is there? Then it came, “Awaken~The Divine You” program, founded by Master Umesh. Through it I found my new purpose. A real, renewed energy to move towards my new purpose. I am one among many trainers out there, we focus and emphasize very much on just technique and action. The “Awaken~ The Divine You” is different. It is truly a holistic experience, shifting your mind, body and soul. It just propels you to move forward to achieve your goals & your dreams. I recommend this program. Explore the infinite possibilities of what this program can present to you and your life. It is truly transformational.

–Sharmini, Life Coach, Malaysia

Awaken~The Divine You
8 - 14 Mar 2019
from 11am – 7pm (Fri-Thu)

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