SoulCentre UK Retreat 2018 - Couples Special Offer

SoulCentre UK Retreat 2018 - Couples Special Offer

14 Jul 09:30 - 15 Jul 17:00 - Singapore
Soul Centre


A 3 day wisdom retreat to create a life of Happiness, Success, Significance and Legacy!
Experience the beauty of nature combined with the wisdom of enlightened Masters.
Spend 3 days with the world’s leading wisdom coach and a support group of like-minded and positive individuals.
A gift to yourself, and a time to create a life of happiness, success and legacy!
The annual SoulCentre retreat is held in the heart of UK’s Lake District, in the beautiful heritage village of Grasmere, home to legendary poet William Wordsworth.
We will be located right at the banks of the Lake Grasmere, in the beautiful Daffodil Resort & Spa.
A combination of nature, beauty, peace and wisdom like no other.

Vikas is the wisdom coach you want in your life. He has coached Hollywood stars, royalty, millionaires, sports champions, top CEO’s, award-winning entrepreneurs, psychologists, life coaches, and countless others to maximize their personal and professional success.
Vikas has been called the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach, the Steve Jobs of the spiritual world, a genius of wisdom, the Ultimate Yoda and a Jedi Master.
His students say ‘If you merge the best of Deepak Chopra with the best of Anthony Robbins, you get Vikas’
Benefit from wisdom that is both powerful and practical!
The retreat will include -
Life changing wisdom and life strategies
Practical wisdom coaching for solving life issues
Inspirational wisdom stories
Real-life cases studies
Daily meditations
Nature walks and lessons
Opportunities for silence, meditation, contemplation
The immense beauty of nature
Access to a luxurious resort and spa
A positive support group
A delicious dinner with Vikas & Sall
Date & Timing
Saturday – 14 July – 9.30am to 5pm
Saturday – 14 July – Dinner at 7pm
Sunday – 15 July - 9.30am to 5pm
Monday - 16 July – 9.30am to 3pm
Investment (for 3 days)
Full Fee = UKP 900 per participant (Sgd 1675)
Early bird fee = UKP 650 (till 01 July) per participant (Sgd 1210)

Couples Fee
Full Fee = UKP 1700 (Save UKP 100) (sgd 3165)
Early Bird Fee = UKP 1200 (till 01 July) (save an additional UKP 100) (sgd 2235)
Note: Fee includes all training, training material and Dinner with Vikas & Sally.
Does not include your hotel and travel costs.
A hotel link will be provided to benefit from our special hotel rate

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