Masters of Meditation - Level 3

Masters of Meditation - Level 3

23 Oct 18:30 - 27 Nov 21:00 - Singapore
Soul Centre


10 Sessions 6:30pm-9:00pm
You will be introduced to the highest spiritual wisdom of life also learn secret practices of meditation that are very powerful.
If you wish to live a life of happiness, stability and security regardless of external circumstances, you will benefit from this training. Your sense of inner power, freedom, calmness and happiness will sky-rocket.
Your learning will make you a master of the material, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life.

You need to have completed Meditation Made Simple™ and Meditation in Action™ to attend this training

We have a fool-proof catch-up system in place to ensure you will not miss any important lesson.
Even if you are absent for a session or two, you will be able to catch up fully.

Register now for the Early Bird special until 9th Oct 2018 and pay only 2100 SGD

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