STOTT Pilates® Rehab Reformer 2 (RR2)

STOTT Pilates® Rehab Reformer 2 (RR2)

14 Dec 14:00 - 16 Dec 21:00 - Singapore
Pilatique Pilates Singapore


Peripheral Joint Stabilization: Reformer – RR2

Building on the biomechanical and stabilization principles learned in RM1, this module will teach you exercises that are designed to prevent and rehabilitate common injuries by balancing and strengthening muscles around the joints in order to restore and maintain healthy movement patterns. Emphasis on core stability while mobilizing the peripheral joints. Typically courses are conducted over 3 days.

Instructors learn:
1. Review of STOTT PILATES basic principles
2. Identifying proper execution and movement patterns
3. Effective verbal cueing and imagery

4. Clinical problem solving using the STOTT PILATES method
5. Application to injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle
6. Over 25 exercises plus multiple modifications

RMR1 or RM1

Requirements of Certification:
- 18 hours of instruction and supervised teaching
- minimum 6 hours observation
- minimum 10 hours physical review
- minimum 10 hours practice teaching
Total: 44 hours


2018 Dec 14 to 16

Friday & Saturday - 2:00pm till 9:00pm (1 hour break)
Sunday - 8:30am till 3:30pm (1 hour break)

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