Yin Yoga Meridian Master Classes

Yin Yoga Meridian Master Classes

12 Dec 20:00 - 15 Dec 16:00 - Singapore
Kampung Senang轻安村


To register for this event; please contact Teng Lan : events@yinyogainasia.com .

- Understanding Circulation of Qi in the practice

The Yin Yoga Meridian Practice goes through different stages for the preparation of high energy work such as Pranayama and Visualisation on Energy Circulation in the body. In this master class, you will be introduced of the Meridian body based on Tradiional Daoist View on Internal Alchemy. The key is to cultivate a practice to go into higher energy work in preparation for Meditation to happen naturally. The Inner Alchemy work in 4 stages:
1. The Cultivation of Jing (Life Essences)

2. Transmuting Jing into Qi (Energy or Prana)
3. Transmuting Qi in Shen (Consciousness)
4. Transforming Shen in Emptiness

Key Highlights:
1. Understanding Major Meridians in the Body
2. Key Qi Life-cycle in different phases of life
3. Introduction to Five Energy Transformation
4. Yin Yoga Meridian Practice with Daoist Six Healing Sounds

Date : 12 Dec - 15 Dec, 2019

Conteact : Teng Lan ; events@yinyogainasia.com .

Full Course : SGD 780
One Day : SGD 250
(NOTE: One Veg Lunch is included in this masterclass)

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