Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Basic)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Basic)

06 Dec 08:00 - 11 Dec 17:00 - Singapore
Kampong Senang Eco-Harmony Kitchen


Pre-requisite for Training: This training is only available to those who have taken full 5-day Yin Yoga Immersion.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Basic) is based on traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Teachings. It is a whole new approach which blends traditional movement from China's Qigong, Taiji and various martial arts with traditional yoga asanas. Its philosophy is based on Taoist Yin Yang principles and Taoist Alchemy. This is a principled approach practice that enable the body to gain space by releasing deep fascia in the body.

The practice view the lower body as the main power for transformation. Various names had been given to the pelvis region by various cultures. Dan Tien (by Chinses); Hara ( Japanese); Kunda (by Indiian). The expression of this power is via the legs. Therefore, Yin Yoga begins its practice with the feet.

Victor is one the first Asian teacher who first taught Yin Yoga in Asia. He was first inspired by Paul Grilley with this practice and later begin to explore this practice via Taoist, Buddhist and Confucius philosophies with ancient Chinese movement exercises (e.g. Qigong, Taiji and Martial Arts). He believes in yoga as a technology for self-transformation and wishes to share what he had experienced in his journey.

Usual Price : SGD 1280
Eerly Bird : SGD 1080 (by 1 SEP, 2018)

To register for this event; please contact Teng Lan : events@yinyogainasia.com .


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