Thoughts of My Body: Devised Theatre Masterclass

Thoughts of My Body: Devised Theatre Masterclass

23 Jul 19:00 - 01 Aug 23:00 - Singapore
Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity

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23 July, 2017 — 5 August, 2017
Monday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm
Tuesday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm
Wednesday, 7.00pm — 11.00pm

Instructor: Giovanni Ortega

Thoughts of My Body (TOMB) is a 2-week creative intensive workshop where performers will delve into the psyche of the human identity and the influences that will include unconscious biases that society continuously fills our minds. Through the use of language, music and movement, this a thought provoking and uplifting workshop that is geared for artists from all spectrums, who are willing to utilize their imagination as a template for engaging with others.

Thoughts of My Body will allow the students to unravel what’s been inside their heads all along, to create embodied experiences through their own works using techniques such as: Imagination Meditation, Linklater technique, dramatic and comedic Improvisation, song, dance and ultimately the strength of transformational theatre.

The culmination of the production will explore all the elements utilized in the Body Series (COMB, WOMB and TOMB), and how the power of visionary collaboration can affect, as well as inform us on how to continue our work as artists who have become the mirror to society. What is my Legacy?

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